My learner-centered teaching style prioritizes students’ needs and interests, as evidenced by my Certificate of Distinction in Teaching from Harvard University. I have engaged in various teaching roles including leading discussions, tutoring students for their theses, and designing and instructing my own seminars. My pedagogical practice revolves around fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment, where students’ experiences and insights are valued and encouraged. You may find the syllabi I designed below.

Anthropological Perspectives into Postcolonial Germany 

I designed and taught this course at the Institute of European Ethnology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2020. You may find the syllabus here.

Anthropology as Social Theory, Social Theory as Anthropology 

I co-designed this course with Malavika Reddy and ran the discussion sections at the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University in 2021. You may find the syllabus here.